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Looking forward to Seabridge residential living in Oxnard, CA? Stop your search here and meet your Boat Dock Real Estate Expert. Seabridge is our newest boating community. Built in 2006 to 2009, Seabridge is a beautifully organized community located near the Oxnard Shores. Seabridge includes a first-class club house, fitness center, pool and spa. There are 87 boat dock homes on the water, 162 homes not on water, and approx. 200 condos. There are miles of walking paths to stroll to restaurants and shops.

Real Estate in Seabridge:

Seabridge is a seaside community offering you a quality living near the sea. Oxnard’s waterfront homes are located within the master planned community of Seabridge. What on earth can be better than a house in the Seabridge? Go for a residential property or a commercial one, you will have countless options. There are also land for sale if you want to utilize it for some purpose. Apart from that, the options of condos for sale will facilitate your decision of living at Seabridge. Inside Seabridge there are master planned communities such as Port 121, Port Meridian, Port Province, Port Oceano, Port Marluna. Read More about Seabridge


About Seabridge Community, Oxnard, CA

Oxnard is a beach town that has its own environment of the beaches. The area is considered as a home for magnificent beaches and a rich history. Although the tourism is quite popular, people also prefer to settle here. If you are the one who loves a community life, the Seabridge, Oxnard, CA is the best option you can consider. There are several homes for sale. The Seabridge Homes are properly organized and provide you with the best surrounding environment. You will be able to mix with the local community as they are quite welcoming. Seabridge is located near the Oxnard Beach.

Shopping and Dining:

Some popular restaurants are Fisherman’s Fish Market,Fresco II on the Marina, Yolanda’s Mexican Café If you are interested in local favorite food places, the Seabridge pub is the best place. Within just a short span from your home, the Seabridge community is alive with lot of retail stores and dining choices. Dining is wonderful since the seafood is served fresh. They provide good quality food with large portions. Moreover, you can have an entertaining time while eating at that place. The place also has several different areas to get the meal of your cuisine.

For Shopping best place is Seabridge Marketplace located on South Victoria Avenue which offers delicious food . Both formal and informal dining can be found. It will all depend on your choice. When it comes to shopping, you can enjoy a great experience at the sea bridge marketplace where you will find everything of your need. The Seabridge area is located at a convenient place which means you can get to other parts of the country within few minutes. Restaurants, coffee bars and a grocery store are all within walking distance.

Culture and Entertainment:

The area is quite rich in culture and there are several things you can do for entertainment. The place full of attractions that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. For example, there is an Oxnard state beach and the part that provides a great experience of a beautiful beach surrounding by natural beauties. There are several picnic points and food options that can be considered.

Apart from that, for kids, there is a private playground where they can get involved in healthy activities. The silver sand beach is also quite famous in the area. Several places indicate the deep and rich culture of the area. You can find the exotic things from the past in the famous museums of the area or heritage square which consist of the restored historic buildings. The community center holds several events for the local people.

Careers and Industry:

The Seabridge area of Oxnard is extremely developed when it comes to industries. The job opportunities are countless for the people who has the right skill for the job. Apart from that, tourism is also quite famous which increases the employment opportunities for the residents. Different industries present near the Seabridge area including construction industries allows the people to get involved in different fields.

Schools/Education in Seabridge:

When it comes to the education of the people living in Seabridge, there are various options available nearby. Elementary schools in the area include Hollywood Beach Elementary School, Christa McAuliffe Elementary School. High Schools in nearby area include Oxnard High School.

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