Navigating The Channel Islands Harbor

October 11,2021 | Posted By Arlene Beckwith in Real Estate
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Piloting Around the Channel Islands Harbor


Channel Islands Harbor was once a recreational go-to for many in the 1960s and 1970s. With just over 300 acres of California coastland and water, people could store their boats, enjoy the marina facilities and chandleries. They could dine, shop, or simply enjoy the view from their craft.

Today, you can still enjoy the sun setting over the ocean after a day of jet skiing and whale watching. Just one hour out of Los Angeles, residents and tourists alike have found this slice of beachside heaven. With parks and picnic areas lined along the beach, Channel Islands Harbor, a California gem has three areas that can provide anyone whatever they’re looking for to live a coastal lifestyle.

On the west side, there are marinas, restaurants, parks, and exclusive residential development. On the east side, boat owners will find anything they need here with marine supply stores, boatyards, and other commercial businesses. It is here where the Channel Islands Harbor law enforcement, search and rescue facilities, and government administration is situated.

Then there is the peninsula with its marinas and condominiums. Hotel development beckons tourists and visitors to stay, enjoy all that this part of California has to offer.


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Channel Islands Harbor has several services within the three areas of this piece of California. What you can’t find in this unique area, Los Angeles is an hour and less than 45 minutes from Santa Barbara:

Harbor Department Harbor Department

The Ventura County Harbor Department oversees the 200 acres of land and 100+ acres of water that is Channel Islands Harbor. You’ll find their office approximately 400 yards north of the channel’s first bend on the Eastside.

Coast Guard Coast Guard

Keeping the waterways safe is the U.S. Coast Guard, and the search and rescue vessels are ready to go into action when needed. They are all located on the south side of the Ventura County Harbor Patrol offices.

Repair Repairs

Boaters that live or visit the Channel Island Harbor have two full-service boatyards on the Eastside. The Boatyard, a full-service boatyard, and marina offer dry and wet slips and every type of service a boater could need. Then Anacapa Boatyard & Marine Services that has been here since the 1960s, with mechanics on duty or use their facilities and be your own mechanic.

Fuel Dock Fuel Dock

Fill up ice, snacks, water, limited marine supplies, as well as diesel or gas here on the East side of the Harbor.

Launch Ramp Launch Ramp

Open to the public, the Channel Islands Harbor boat launch ramp is the East channel.



The Channel Islands Harbor isn’t just a coveted neighborhood for its breathtaking properties on the water. This small waterfront community provides culture and lifestyle you won’t necessarily find anywhere else. Not only is the Channel Islands Harbor a wonderful place to relax, but it also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure. Here are some of the top recommendations for dining, staying, and playing in this area--straight from the experts!

The Harbor - as you enter or leave the Harbor, use the Southeast Harbor entrance to avoid shoaling of the Northwest entrance. The sands shift in that area, and the waters are often deeper than they appear, making this an unsafe area for boating.

Sailing - if you choose to sail along the beach areas, be aware this can be a dangerous area after the mountain region has had storms due to the several rivers that washing debris in this area. Your best sailing is two to three miles offshore.

Crab and lobster traps - During peak crab and lobster seasons, watch for floats making the trap areas and steer clear. Having a prop or rudder tangled up in trap lines can be dangerous when near the islands or rocks.

Islands approach – as you approach the islands, check your CRUISING GUIDE FIRST and be aware of beds, currents, kelp beds, reefs, rocks, tides, and if you’re planning to anchor once you’ve reached the Islands, check the bottom conditions.



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Navigating The Channel Islands Harbor


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Channel Islands Harbor MLS Listings

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Channel Islands Home Prices and Real Estate Appreciation

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Do you want to learn more about the area and lifestyle at Channel Islands Harbor? Keep reading for tips and suggestions straight from the locals for when you visit or move to this Southern California hidden gem!

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