What You Need To Know About Buying or Selling a Smart Home in Channel Islands Harbor

October 11,2021 | Posted By Arlene Beckwith in Real Estate
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Smart technology is here, and it isn’t going away any time soon, if ever. Homeowners are finding that beyond the smart doorbell with a video camera or a smart sprinkler system, or thermostat, that Artificial Intelligence offers a lot of conveniences, comfort, and safety. Smart technology for the home has grown in popularity in Channel Islands Harbor that our real estate experts at Arlene and Keith Beckwith predict this market to multiply three times in the next five years.

Touting a home as a smart home will no doubt bring in more prospective buyers. Smart technology is an attention grabber today like a wet bar home was in the 1960s and 1970s. A remodeled kitchen or bathroom will bring higher prices, but a smart home will bring in more potential buyers.

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Buying or Selling a Smart Home in Channel Islands Harbor real estate market

» Selling A Smart Home

A smart home can encompass numerous technological devices that connect to the Internet, allowing the homeowner to access and control them from their cell phone, laptop, or other devices with mobile apps. The smart technology of a home can be combined to work with a central hub such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

As these high-tech features become more popular and more homeowners expect these in a home advertised as a “smart home. As such, the seller needs to give these artificial intelligence devices some additional thought, particularly as to which items stay with the house and what doesn’t.

The items the seller intends to take with them needs to be clearly stated in their listing so as to avoid any possible confusion for a potential buyer and their agent. Where the seller sees the smart doorbell and thermostat as an accessory, a potential buyer may see them as a component to the house, much like the toilets.

» Buying A Smart Home

When a home is equipped with smart devices, a potential buyer should inquire if they are included with the property. An inquiry should be made regarding any membership or subscription required for the devices that stay and follow up if they are transferable to the new owner. Inquire if instructions and owner manuals are available as well, although this information is available on the Internet.

The Closing and Finalizing

Once an agreement has been put together between the two parties, all the devices need to be programmed to original settings from the factory and all previous mobile devices and email accesses removed. All devices and systems should be in a position for the new owners to generate new accounts and transfer the registration in their names, linking all to their cell phones, emails, and other mobile devices.

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