A Sneak Peek into a Post COVID-19 World for Homebuyers!

June 25,2020 | Posted By Arlene Beckwith in Homebuyers
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We have stepped into an age laced with the threats and dangers of COVID-19; hence we can’t deny the fact that our lifestyle and priorities are going to be changed as well. People have started planning their manner of living, which falls in line with precautions against COVID-19.

Once the situation gets better, many homebuyers will shift their preferences in terms of our desires, requirements, and shelter in place.

In short, there’s little doubt that home buyers who enter the market after the risk of COVID-19 are in the rearview mirror will have a whole new set of priorities in place for their home search. Now let’s look into the top eight demands that homebuyers may put forth after the risk of COVID-19;

The following Eight Priorities in Future Home Search After The Risk of COVID-19

1. Luminous and Spacious

As much as it seemed like “a break” for all business fanatics, three months of home quarantine would have taken its toll on people. After getting out of this self-imposed hibernation, homebuyers will go for something they have missed during the quarantine. An environment laced with sunlight and a spacious atmosphere would ultimately serve as a de-stress antidote. The post-pandemic period would (without a doubt) make people look for an airy and well-ventilated place. It won’t be startling to see people upgrading to larger abodes in the months following the pandemic.

2. Easy and Fun Cooking

We don’t need to break the news of the newfound obsession with cooking that has started to become the talk-of-the-town these days. You see your friends and family posting Snapchat or Instagram stories of freshly baked cupcakes and scrumptious meals, which means that people are killing boredom in their kitchen. Also known as the heart of the home, your kitchen holds a special place in your homes.

As the young generation has grown accustomed to cooking, a perfect distraction from school/college, homebuyers might expect an uninterrupted trend towards ampler kitchens. A pantry with superabundant cabinets space will be crucial for stocking large quantities of food that will make cooking a merry experience with your loved ones.

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3. Privacy

Sometimes a family needs a timeout from crowded rooms and non-stop family-time. Sometimes, fathers may need time alone with their business dealings, and students may want to get back to their studies after the disruption of their academic plans caused by COVID-19. One will never miss a chance to get a private place to resume their business or educational activities. For times like these, from a den to a finished basement can be a benison when you feel like taking a break from the family hustle and bustle!

4. Energy Efficiency

The ever-increasing rate of utility bills is probably a shock for those who spend most of their time away from home. Cooking at home, eating at home, working from home, even doing gym from home can add up to an alarming amount of money. As the climate is changing rapidly and the temperature is getting warmer as well, the impact of these bills will be even more shocking. Potential homebuyers are most likely to consider the energy efficiency of their new house. Double pane windows are an essential accessory to save energy under such circumstances.

5. Stay Fit at Home

The lockdown routine has changed a good chunk of your daily routine. For those who start their day with a morning workout session, they will always avoid compromising with their health. After all, the workout is not a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. It is not only limited to physical health but mental health as well.

Future homebuyers would want a home gym fully equipped with necessary fitness equipment. A dream home could always have a spare workout room to provide a much-needed break from tense times.

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6. Customized Outdoor Space

A personalized outdoor space? It sounds funny when you haven’t been able to leave your room for almost three months. Even a small balcony with a comfy chair can be considered as a boon when going out can cost your life. Future homebuyers looking for big high yards for their kids and pets might want to rethink this idea since large home yards require efficient maintenance. Since the government has imposed strict rules regarding COVID-19, municipalities have disagreed to pay a monthly visit to look after people’s home yards. So 2020 is the year for homebuyers to pull up their sleeves and learn to handle basic tasks on their own.

Customized Real Estate Outdoor Space

7. Easy Working from Home

Working from home isn’t a new trend. Long before the discovery of COVID-19, people had already adapted to working away from their office.

The new situation has just stimulated this trend. Moreover, many people are finding it time-saving since transport cost is saved, and it has made technology more transparent to them. Potential homebuyers who are looking for a house with office space possibilities with a technology-friendly atmosphere, a well-equipped room with spacious shelves, and built-in WiFi could be the final deal-making factor. Every homeowner will be on the lookout for properties that efficiently accommodate business demands.

8. Planning Amenities

We have all witnessed the shut down of the multi-family building, offering ostentatious amenities to attract buyers and renters. But the past few months have closed all potential public places, for example, swimming pools, adult lounge inns, and children play area. In short, all these extra features for which you paid additional charges have been off-limits for a while now. After this pandemic, new homebuyers would want to shift into a lifestyle that effortlessly compliments their needs.

Life after Corona Virus will demand gradual economic recovery and personal growth and adjustment. This new normal will be at the top of the list for future homebuyers.

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The Best Locations in The Channel Islands Harbor and Near Areas

» Mandalay Bay Homes, Condos & Rentals:

For those looking for budget-friendly homes with a premium look, Mandalay Bay homes, condos, and rentals are a perfect choice to seek a private, secure, and technology-friendly lifestyle. With single-family homes to spacious condos and rental homes, Mandalay Bay has everything you might be looking for. After the post-traumatic effects of COVID-19, one would want to de-stress after being locked up in quarantine.

» Harbor Island Condos & Rentals:

For those who have made themselves accustomed to a pretentious environment, Harbor Island has that healthy lifestyle where you would rather miss your afternoon brunch than skipping the gym. Harbor Island homes bring you commodious Island condos and rentals where you can entertain yourself with airy rooms and appreciation for sunlight.

Located between Malibu and Santa Barbara, Harbor Island Condos is mini heaven on Earth! Laced with every bit of extraordinary with a tinge of simplicity, Harbor Island has 129 luxury single level condos situated in the main channel. One large balcony and a breathtaking view of the harbor is the most suitable place to enjoy your sunsets. And of course, they have super affordable rentals, making their services transparent to all types of communities.

» Westport Homes, Condos & Rentals:

Westport is the second name for an affluent community in Oxnard that features several condos, townhomes and villas, and duplexes. To take a break from the unpleasant experience of this pandemic, one could think of having a private life away from the chaos and would love to have an oceanfront condo to cherish natural beauty. Just like other locations, Westport dock property has homes and apartments that could be purchased on rent.

» Seabridge Homes, Condos & Rentals:

Built between 2006-2009, Seabridge is a well structured and organized community situated near the Oxnard Shores. To cater to grandeur affairs, which are an essential part of lives for some people, Seabridge real estate brings you first-class clubs, fitness centers, spa, and pool. A significant decrease in physical activity due to quarantine is more than a vanity issue—a mental health issue. With 87 boat dock homes over water, 162 homes, nearly 200 luxurious condos, and great rental options, Sea bridge offers everything you could dream of. Be it industries, education, or employment opportunities, Seabridge is here to cater to your needs. With, Seabridge is the right place to celebrate your special occasions at this mesmerizing location

» Hollywood By the Sea:

Hollywood Beach is one of the most popular pleasurable places in the Oxnard beach community located between Oxnard and Silver Strand. It is no less than a getaway from the frantic pace of business activities to enjoy your weekends with your family.

» The Colony:

We are well aware of a vigorous, albeit healthy lifestyle you wish to provide your children. That’s why Arlene and Keith present The Colony, having condominiums situated in Oxnard where your children can live the perfect life they deserve.

» Silverstrand:

It is a beach neighborhood situated within the Channel Island Beach in Ventura County. Silverstrand homes are the perfect definition of a stress relief point for homebuyers after the risk of COVID-19.

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