6 Reasons to Consider Rental Homes in Oxnard Shores, CA

May 19,2021 | Posted By Arlene Beckwith in Rental Homes
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Rental homes offer numerous distinct advantages compared to other forms of investment. These benefits, coupled with the prospect of achieving a higher profit in the future, make rental homes a favorable choice for homeowners and real estate investors.

As rental homes offer income that other investments don’t, taxes are recognized on the yearly income. Investment and rental property are entitled to tax-deferred exchanges for avoiding tax payments at the time of disposition. Another key benefit is the control that an investor enjoys over rentals which is not the case with other investments such as bonds and stocks.

Home values are increasing faster and becoming less affordable for millions of people. Homeowners enjoy the flexibility that comes with renting. Although millennials are capturing a large share of the rental market, the number of baby boomers renting homes also increased by 4.3 million in the last decade. All these facts indicate that renting is becoming a more viable option for millions of people.

Renting Homes in Oxnard Shores, CA

If you are planning to rent a beautiful and comfortable home in California, you can find a wide variety of extraordinary homes. According to their needs and budget, from condos to single-family homes and two-bedroom homes, real estate investors and homeowners can choose an excellent rental.

The presence of all amenities, good educational institutes, reputed medical institutes, recreational opportunities, an excellent climate and a 20-mile long Pacific coastline, make Oxnard Shores, CA, one of California's best real estate markets.

Top 6 Reasons to Consider Rental Homes in Oxnard, CA

There are many reasons why you should consider rental homes in Oxnard Shores, CA. Here are the top six reasons for investing or moving into a rental home to get a taste of the California lifestyle.

  • 1) While some people prefer buying stocks with 50% cash but they must invest more funds to keep the margin at 50% in case the value goes down. When you invest in a rental home, you pay mostly in cash and finance with only a 20-25% down payment.
  • 2) Many investment and business loans are available at a floating interest rate than a fixed mortgage on non-owner-occupied real estate.
  • 3) Generally, terms for investment loans are from six months to a year. However, real estate loans are long-term and can go up to 30 years.
  • 4) Real estate shows a long-term history of appreciation.
  • 5) Real estate benefits from tax advantages such as cost recovery and tax-deferred exchanges, and long-term capital gains treatments. These advantages are not available in other types of investments.
  • 6) Oxnard Shores, CA rental homes offer the investor a significant amount of control to improve and manage the property for boosting its value. For other types of investments, an investor may only choose when to buy and sell those investments.

Why you should Find Rentals in Oxnard Shores, CA

Oxnard Shores, CA, located on the pristine shores of the Pacific Ocean in Ventura County, California with panoramic mountain views to the north and south, comprises of seven beaches for surfers, sea shell hunters, swimmers and beach bums to have fun in the sun. You will also enjoy exciting holiday parades happening along Hollywood Getaway spots, water sports and activities, to 1500 mile long coastal Bike paths. You can also find hundreds of cafes and dozens of grocery stores, renowned international restaurants and an impressive number of famous outdoor festivals along with parks, gyms, and other amenities. The Oxnard Chamber of Commerce is active in the city center.

The top three beaches on the shores of Oxnard CA that you should visit in sunny Southern California are:

Renting a home in Oxnard Shores, CA, or purchasing a home as a rental investment property can be a great decision to secure your future funds. Some residents live downtown to spot business and shopping centers through their windows, while others prefer living along the shoreline, viewing soft sand and large beaches in their backyard.

Seven sectors cover the community, resulting in family-friendly neighborhoods throughout Oxnard, CA. Southwest, Southeast, South Central, Northeast, Northwest, Downtown, and Del Norte districts accommodate nearly 200,000 residents, spread out among 26 square-miles. The Oxnard Neighborhood Councils consider safety as one of the top priorities for fostering communication throughout the region. That’s why residents usually stay aware of what is happening next door or across the town.

Rental properties spend an average of 85 days on the market. Hollywood, Channel Islands, Via Marina, and Pierpont are nearby neighborhoods next to Oxnard Shores.

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