Everything to Know About Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, CA

October 11,2021 | Posted By Arlene Beckwith in Real Estate
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Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard, CA offers an incredible opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches and some of the best restaurants in Southern California.

For decades, Oxnard has been a secret playground for the famous and rich. Featuring mile-long stretches of pristine beaches, this luxurious part of California is home to hundreds of celebrities. If you want to enjoy living like your favorite movie star, purchase a gorgeous coastal property in Oxnard and escape the hustle and bustle of your busy city.

Silver Strand Beach Homes

Silver Strand Beach Homes in Oxnard are popular among people who are creative and love art. Silver Strand is commonly known as ‘The Strand.’ The homes in The Strand feature a collection of mostly single-family homes and some multi-family homes. You can also find larger and newer homes located on the sand. These unique homes, built on the beautiful Silver Strand Beach, are becoming popular among real estate investors. Most of these homes are available between $899,000 and $2,999,000. Several factors, such as the condition and size of the home and its proximity to the ocean, affect the total cost of the property. The beautiful homes allow you to enjoy a wonderful vibe in a peaceful community.

Typical Homes for Sale in Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard, CA

If you are looking for a beautiful luxury home in Silver Strand you can find a large variety of condominiums and single-family homes here. Quick facts about Silver Strand Beach....the town is the backdrop to many of today’s popular movies, TV shows, and series. You must’ve seen the beautiful beaches in Back to the Future, Clueless, and Big Little Lies. Hollywood flocked to Oxnard Beach in the 1920s for filming the Sheikh, which starred Rudolph Valentino. Later, the beach became popular as ‘Hollywood by the Sea.’ The median price of homes in Silver Strand Beach, CA is $1,365,000.





The population of Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, is just above 3,300.

Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, CA Liquidity


Homes in Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, sit on an average of 33 days on the market.

Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, CA Sale to List

Sale to List

As compared to last month, 20% more homes were listed for sale this month.

Silver Strand MLS Listings

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Recreational Activities and Entertainment

Silver Strand Beach provides adventurous opportunities and various water sports for both residents and tourists. That’s why the gorgeous community is incredibly popular among surfing and kayaking enthusiasts. You can enjoy long walks by the beach, fishing, kayaking, and surfing while living in Silver Strand Beach. With plenty of hotels and restaurants nearby and local attractions at the Channel Islands Harbor, there is a lot to do when living in Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, CA. Here is a glimpse of what you can enjoy when purchasing a real estate property in Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard.

  • Sun Bathing and Beach Going: Fall, Summer, and Spring
  • Beachcombing: Year-Round
  • Surfing: Best in summer, but you can surf throughout the year
  • Kayaking: Enjoy exciting kayaking adventure all year round
  • Fishing: Mid-fall and Spring
Both locals and tourists enjoy a plethora of activities on the beautiful beaches. That’s why Silver Strand Beach is an exciting place for people of all ages. The Silver Strand Beach lies from the Port Hueneme Harbor entrance to the Channel Islands Harbor entrance. The tightly packed homes back the sandy beach, providing a variety of housing options for real estate investors. The Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme is behind these homes. Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard, CA is world-famous among body surfers and boogie surfers. The beach offers excellent surfing opportunities for intermediate surfers and seasoned surfing professionals.

Playgrounds and Nearby Parks

Some famous playgrounds and parks are near Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard CA. These include Moranda Park and Bubbling Springs Park.


Lifeguards serve the beach from Memorial Day through Labor Day. There is a paved walking, follows the harbor entrance, leading to Kiddie Beach Park. Park your vehicles in the parking area at the north, where San Nicholas Ave culminates at Ocean Drive. Some people park along Ocean Drive and walk through numerous gaps between the homes for exploring the beach.

Get your Dream Beach House on Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, CA

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